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Philip Morris just released temperature control IQOS Mesh vape pen, So does ATVS with the temperature control Ghost vape pen

By ATVS, written on January 2nd, 2018

The Keywords in e-cigarettes that we often hear are “E-liquid”, “vapor”, “heating does not burn IQOS”. Recently the vape pen is gaining popularity, such as Philip Morris just launched their first e-cigarette device, IQOS Mesh, which uses e-liquid cartridge, not tobacco carts. The lQOS MESH shell adopts the popular aluminum extrusion shell. It combines brushed and polished aluminum technology. And most importantly it has the characteristics of easy temperature control and comprehensive monitoring of steam.

Temperature control vape pen – The new keywords

 The IQOS Mesh features temperature control, control of total steam emissions. Behind the popularity of IQOS is the increasing demand for new alternatives to the smoking world. And Philip Morris took the advantages of enormous researching resources and developed a temperature control IQOS MESH, to better serve the smokers worldwide.

In the e-cigarette and vape pen market of 2018, the constant-voltage heating mode dominated the market, such as minifit, which uses a constant 3.7V heating. The global launching of IQOS Mesh from giant Philip Morris marks the new era of temperature control vape pen.

From the global supply chain perspective view, ATVS(which is a Shenzhen, China-based emerging vape pen manufacturer) has launched the ATVS Ghost Vape Pen almost at the same time compared with Philip Morris. ATVS Ghost adopts constant temperature preheating mode and constant temperature heating mode. The ATVS Ghost temperature is controlled to ensure the stability of the taste. Moreover, due to the leading temperature control technology, the ATVS Ghost comes with anti-dry burning function.

Similar to IQOS Mesh, ATVS Ghost also uses aluminum alloy battery casing, while the ATVS Ghost cartridge uses PETG food grade environmental protection material. The Ghost cartridge adopts S316 stainless steel temperature control heating wire,  and ceramic atomizing core, which provides a comprehensive guarantee for precise temperature control and the big amount of vapor.

ATVS made its debut in the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture week 2018 exhibition

By ATVS, December 10, 2018

At Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Dec 7~9 of 2018, ATVS made its debut as a professional electronic cigarettes manufacturer to the world. With the launching of the unique innovative anti-dry burning, temperature-controlled Ghost vape pen, ATVS soon received great attention from around the globe.